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My family settled in Torbolton Township in 1842, near Woodlawn which is 10 minutes north of Kanata. Growing up on a farm and having helped Dad, a carpenter by trade, build homes from the ground up showed me that anything is doable with the right attitude and perseverance. My Mother strengthened this desire to move forward. These traits helped me through university and college, where I learned how government and business function. From there, I helped a start up orthopaedic surgical design and manufacturing company, while wearing many different hats.

For the past twenty years, I have, like many, accumulated different work skills including telecommunications contracting for Rogers and Bell where you have the opportunity to see into people’s homes, first hand, and gain an appreciation of differing tastes and lifestyles while providing solutions to their problems. I have been in every neighbourhood in the city, I know about 80% of the streets from Carleton Place to Cumberland.

In 2006, my son Connor was born, and I realized that I wanted to set an example, like Mom and Dad, so while working I took on a little side house flip, which wasn’t so “little” when you have a full time job and a newborn. That house was an estate sale; with serious neglect problems and the “blight of the neighbourhood” but after some elbow grease, my wife and I were appreciative of the passerby’s compliments. We decided to live in the house and two years later sold it… in five days!

Our goal is to raise our son, in West Carleton, and I have recently, finished construction of our new home in Crown Point.

My goal is to put people and families into the right house so that they can make it their home, their sanctuary. By doing this, like my parents, I can show my young lad the value of working hard and taking pride in a job well done…Do what you love!

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